There are many ways and strategies for motivating yourself. Your performance is very often associated with not your ability, but with your motivation. Having motivation can be very empowering because realizing the concept of it allows you to have the positive influence over yourself.


PaperworkThere is probably lots of paperwork awaiting you on the desk. You know doing it is not challenging but somehow you just can’t seem to make yourself do it? Think about what would happen if you don’t do it. Think about how bad this can affect your performance at work or with someone else. Do you really want this? I don’t think so. Realize how important even the smallest task is. The sooner you do it, the better you will feel about doing it.


This is probably the most demotivational thing you can do to yourself. Fearing that you will fail. How can you know what will happen? If you want to do something then just do it! Light up your mind, imagine how great it will be if you succeed. Never think about failure. First you need to actually do something and when you do – you will see your results. It’s like the battle – you win some, you lose some. But being afraid to start something good is already a failure in the start, so don’t do this. Think positive, and the positive things will happen.


ku-xlargeYou should often search for some sort of meaning when setting up the goal. Ask yourself often why is something so important that you just need to do it? By doing this, you will realize the importance of having the job done or whatever needs to be done. Pursuing your goals is the greatest way to fulfill your need for success. If the answer to your ‘why’ – question is what you expect it to be, then there goes your motivation to do it.


There are days when nothing seems to go your way, but this is like rain – when it stops, the rainbow and the sun appear and things seem brighter. Apply this to the temporary setbacks. Remember that the bad things eventually pass, and that you don’t need negativity downgrading your work. Negativity is never helpful, so try your best to clear your mind, be positive and start off your day as another day where you WILL accomplish something.


Why worrying about the time something needs to be achieved? You can’t make it happen right now. Remember to be patient with the things you want to achieve. Hurrying something up won’t help you achieve it faster. It will only slow you down, believe it or not. Accept the present moment with good feeling because you’ve started something: over time you will finish it. It’s never late to finish what you’ve started. Don’t push yourself if you don’t need to.